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Wetroom Shutters

Product Overview

Wetroom shutters have been designed with bathrooms, swimming pools and other damp/moist areas in mind.

Extremely hardwearing and waterproof, Wetroom shutters are also suitable for high traffic areas and is often used in commercial installations.

ABS plastic is a hardwearing and lightweight plastic that is easily moulded. This means that unlike lesser vinyl products in the market the profiles of the frames look far better. ABS is far more robust than vinyl, ensuring that it will cope far better in daily use.

It also means that it will not warp or twist. Moisture or extreme hot and cold temperatures will have no effect over time. It’s so stable that the shutter can be manufactured to suit wide windows with no concerns.

The shutter comes with stainless steel hinges as a standard feature. This is to ensure the moisture in the room will not cause the hinges to rust over time.

The colour range is limited, however, one would typically chose a white finish for the types of areas that this shutter would be installed into.

If you’re looking for a solid white painted shutter though, and don’t need the shutter to be waterproof, then check out the Hybrid product. It uses the ABS louvers of the wetroom shutters but is mostly made from wood.

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