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Value Wood MDF Shutters

Product Overview

Value wood MDF shutters are great value for money. They are made entirely from MDF, and they are an entry level product. If you want to cover your windows with shutters, then this product will look great and will stand the test of time.

Value Wood MDF shutters give all the benefits of other material types.

So why bother with any other plantation shutter if this one looks great and will last for the long term?

Well, there are few limitations with the Value Wood plantation shutter product. For example, you cannot make curved shaped shutters with it. It’s simply not possible. Straight line shapes such as triangles are possible though.

MDF shutters come in a limited range of colours. For most customers, Pure White or Silk White is exactly what they want, and so the colour range is fine, but for other customers who want to match their special paintwork or wallpapers then they need a little more choice. Such choice can be found in our Hybrid Plantation Shutters, which offers a massive range of standard colours.

It should be noted that this shutter is the only one in our range that is dip-coated with polypropylene. So, under certain light it will have noticeable ‘ripple’ effect on the louvres when viewed closely. Also, the edges of the louvres are not as sharp and clean as on our other shutter products. Don’t let these points should not put you off. If you do want a slightly better finish, then take a look at the Hybrid Shutter which is not a lot more money.