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Phoenix Wood Shutters

Product Overview

Phoenix wood shutters are made entirely from Paulownia wood, which is a very light weight hardwood. It is really suitable for large windows, tier-on-tier shutters and stained finishes.

The grain of the wood is wide and beautiful. Phoenix wood can be painted or stained. When stained, the true beauty of the grain shows through.

When painted Phoenix wood shutters show indents of the grain.  It’s usually chosen by customers who want to be able to see that the shutter is made from wood.

All colours and options are available in this product, however, it should be noted that it is quite soft and easy to damage if given a heavy knock. That said, if the shutter is looked after well and not abused by pets and children there is no reason to discount it.

You might want to consider Hardwood Plus shutters if you’re looking for a more durable stained hardwood product.