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Hybrid Plus Shutters

Product Overview

You can see from the table above that the Hybrid Plus Plantation Shutter is made from mixed hardwood. The hardwood will be a mixture of hardwoods such as basswood and teak. The frame is still made from MDF however, and so it cannot be classed as a full hardwood product.

The paint is a sprayed cellulose, which gives a smooth and even finish. The panels are lightweight so you can comfortably cover larger spans without concerns of damaging the hinges.

Hybrid Plus shutters are suitable for wider windows because the panels can be made wider than the standard Hybrid shutter.

As a mid-range product, you can expect that the finishing on the edges of the louvres will be smooth.

It’s important to know that if you are wanting a shaped shutter, you’ll need to look at the Hardwood Shutter product, since special shaped shutters (other than straight line shapes) are not available in this Hybrid-Plus product.

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