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Plantation Shutters offer a stylish way to control light and heat. You may also know this product as a wooden shutter. Some customers ask for them as window shutters.

Shutters are nothing new. In fact, the name ‘plantation shutter’ originates from the style of window shading cotton plantations in south America used on workers houses.

These days, they have become the great ‘all-rounder’ in interior window covering. Whilst not as low cost as a roller blind, they are certainly a cost effective way to shade a window. Window shutters offer a huge range of benefits.

Most importantly, shutters give control over the light. This is essential for sleeping and keeping the room cool.

Move the louvres in a certain way to get ventilation. You’ll also get privacy at the same time.

Security is also given (and special locks can even be added).

Plantation shutters are easy to keep clean. The solid nature of the louvres make it simple to take a damp cloth and wipe the over.

Shutters are usually made from some type of wood (MDF or hardwood mostly), but we have a hybrid model which uses both wood and PVC. This gives you the best of both materials. Wood is strong and slim, and is used for the frames. PVC gives good insulation and won’t warp or twist. The PVC is used for the louvres. When a plain painted finish is what you want, the hybrid shutter product is an excellent choice.

We have a large selection of plantation shutter types for you to see. Make an appointment and visit our showroom. Let us help you make the right choice for your windows.