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Allusion Blind

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are yet to enter another successful decade and it’s had a number of face lifts along the way. But with an increasing number of alternatives, just why are these blinds still so popular?

While the key elements of vertical blinds remain the same, the blind parts and components are much more superior today.

Also, vertical blinds are now very child is safe, come in a stunning range of colours, are ideal for covering large windows or doors and can now even be motorised.

The effect that a vertical blind gives on a window is what keep it so popular. Make a room look bigger, direct the light, and provide the privacy that is needed.

Wand control systems give easy and safe operation. Motorised options give automatic and convenient operation. Therefore, it’s no wonder Vertical Blinds are still one of the nation’s favourite blinds.

Vertical blinds have so much to offer.  They can they provide heat reflection, privacy, glare reduction. Get dim-out effects by choosing the right fabric. The new colours look fantastic, with 1000’s of exciting fabrics designs to choose from.

All versions have louvres that turn a full 180 degrees, offering total privacy if required (at night time), or partial privacy during the day. All louvres can be draw back to one side to open the window space completely, alternatively, you can ‘split-draw’ them from the middle of the blind (much like a pair of curtains), and have half the louvres stacked to the left and half to the right.

The latest version is the Allusion blind. Think of it as a cross between a curtain, a voile, and a vertical style blind. Allusion blinds offer versatility over and above the standard types.