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Double Roller Blinds

Product Overview

Double Roller Blinds (also known as Dual Roller Blinds) allow you to mount two Standard roller blinds onto one set of brackets.

Double roller blinds are a particularly good solution for rooms that are overlooked or facing the sun.

In this situation, you would be able to have one roller blind left in the down position permanently.

The second blind would provide a dim-out effect (maybe for a bedroom for example).

Usually, one of the blind fabrics is a voile or ‘screen’ material, and one of the blinds is a dim-out. A dim-out is also termed as Blackout, but don’t expect a 100% blackout effect.

You can choose any blind from our standard roller blinds, and it can be operated by side chain, spring, or motor.

We have working examples in our showroom.

Dual roller blinds can now be fitted into our cassette headbox range also, so you can have the modern look of a fascia cover.

Child Safety Features

Dual roller blinds can be made child safe in a number of ways:

  • Use a side chain mechanism and attach the bottom of the looped chains to the wall using a ‘Child Safety Device’
  • Order your roller blind with a spring mechanism instead of a side chain mechanism. Under the current rules, the length of the pull cord cannot be greater than 20cm, so this is not ideal for long drop windows.
  • Order your roller blind with an electric motor installed, eliminating the need for any looped chains for pull cords (recommended)

One Touch® Motorisation Options

This blind can be motorised using our Louvolite One Touch Motor system.

For exact details of what can be achieved, please visit the page and look at the specifications.

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