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SkyTrak Lantern Roof Blind


SkyTrak is a pleated blind system designed specifically for lantern windows, or any ceiling void with a depth of 60mm or more.

It can be used commercially also, since it is built using high strength aluminium profiles and can span large areas.

  • No visible guide wires when the blind is open
  • Offers a fantastic dimout effect
  • Perfect for homes and commercial offices
  • Suits lantern windows, or any rectangular ceiling void (however, if there is no void, we can adapt the product to fit)
  • Battery powered or mains powered, with connections to smart control systems if required.
  • Light weight and without tension
  • Simple installation by side fixing, or shelf mounting

There are no visible cables in our skylight blind system, since we use a belt drive to pull the blind across. This one of the most important requirements when looking for a clean and tidy lantern window product. No one would ever say they prefer to see guide wires running across their open window after the blind is fitted.

SkyTrak is unique in its design, and as such offers a low cost solution to covering large areas, when compared to other market solutions such as roller blinds.

Power and Control Options

24v motor with 240v AC transformer

Motors are built into the ‘Motor Channel’. The exit position for the power cable can be specified in any one of 12 positions (see the ‘Exit Position Options’ data sheet).


  • Single Channel Wall Switch – White (this is a radio controller so it doesn’t need any cables)
  • 9 Channel Handset – Black
  • 99 Channel Handset – Black
Rechargeable Battery Motor

All rechargeable batteries come with a 240v AC charger.

The battery and receiver is built into the ‘Tension Spring Channel’. They cannot be located in same end as the motor.
The charging port can be hidden under the channel cover and pulled out when needed, or it can be left sitting on top of the channel permanently.
The exit point for the charging port (also the connector port for the solar panel) can exit only from the Tension Spring Channel end of the blind, ideally in the top side of the blind.

A solar panel can be connected to the battery for permanent trickle charging.
The length of the cable attached to the solar panel if 2.5mts, however, should you need to extend it you can do so by up to 2mts without voltage drop.
The solar panel has an extension bracket available where extra ‘projection’ is required, or it can be simply ‘sat’ to rest on top of the blind.


  • Single Channel Wall Switch – White (this is a radio controller so it doesn’t need any cables)
  • 6 Channel Handset – White
  • Wifi to Radio Transfer Device
    • Amazon Alexa
    • Google Assistant
    • Tuya Smart


The fabric is cellular (double walled), and typically an opaque (or blackout) standard. The most popular colour is white, since most ceiling are white.

We are able to fit the SkyTrak blind with a translucent fabric, however it must be of the cellular type. 

Cellular double-walled pleated blind fabric offers better insulation, light filtration, and energy efficiency compared to standard single-walled fabric. The cellular design creates pockets of air that act as an insulating barrier, helping to keep rooms warm in winter and cool in summer. The double-walled construction also provides enhanced light filtration and glare reduction, while the pleated design adds an elegant touch to any room. Additionally, the energy efficiency of cellular double-walled pleated blind fabric can help to reduce energy bills and create a more sustainable living environment.

Technical Specifications

Profile Colours

White, Dark Grey, Dark Coffee

Minimum Width


Minimum Drop


Maximum Width

2100mm (can be wider using adaptations to the system)

Maximum Drop

4000mm (can be longer, dependant on width)

Motor Options

240v Mains Powered Temposhade Brand), Battery Powered (Temposhade Brand) with/without Solar Panel, Somfy, Ellard.

Control Options

Single Channel Wall Remote, 9 Channel Remote (mains motor only), 99 Channel Remote (mains motor only), 6 Channel Remote (battery power only)


We have over 20 colours in our standard range. We can also source almost any preferred fabric from any supplier