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Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Product Overview

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds emulate the warmth and richness of wood using high quality PVC, offering the perfect solution for areas of high moisture.

They are also the lowest price product of the wood blind genre.

Opt for the standard contemporary smooth finish, or the sophisticated woodgrain of  the ‘Fine Grain’ range.

Faux wood venetian blinds come in the 35mm and 50mm slat widths.



The lifting and tilting action of the blind can be motorised:

* Motorisation only available for 50mm slats with ladder braid.

  • Somfy Tilt & Lift 25 RTS
    • A radio controlled battery powered motor suitable for small to medium blinds up to 2400mm wide and 2000mm drop. Somfy Tilt and Lift 25 RTS allows blinds to be raised, lowered and tilted with ease.
    • Single mount battery packs and dual mount battery packs are available, and requirements are dependent upon the size of the blind.
  • Somfy Sonesse 40 RTS
    • A motor suitable for medium and large blinds up to 2400mm wide and 2800mm drop. Somfy Sonesse 40 RTS offers a quiet drive motor. This allows you to raise, lower and tilt your blinds with smooth convenience.
      • *Somfy Sonesse 40 WT also available as a hard-wired option powered from your mains supply.
  • Somfy Tilt 50 RTS
    • A radio controlled battery powered motor suitable for all sizes of Faux wood venetian blinds enabling convenient control of the tilt of your blind.

Somfy Tilt & Lift 25 RTS, Sonesse 40 RTS and Tilt RTS 50 can be combined with Somfy Connexoon and TaHoma smart boxes for optimal control of home automated products.

Somfy Motorisation Options

Powered by Somfy®

Somfy motors are available for this product.

With Somfy®, you can discover automation options for all types of interior blinds. WireFree™ (battery) or mains powered options offer different benefits and price points. You can also choose from a large selection of control options, including handsets, wall switches, timers or sensors. No matter what your preferred solution may be, Somfy® guarantees ease of use, reliability and quality.

Suitable Areas for Use

  • Bay Windows
  • Bedroom
  • Lounge
  • Study
  • Conservatory
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom – Ideally use Faux Wood in damp or moist rooms.
  • Dining Room
  • Utility Rooms
  • Loft / Dormer Windows
  • French Doors – usually fitted to the door itself so that the blind goes with the doors when opened.
  • Outward Opening Doors

Child Safety Features

We make Faux Wood Venetian Blinds safe in the following ways:

  • No cord is left longer than 150cm from the floor when the blind is in its fully down position.
  • Where a cord is made longer when pulled (ie, when you pull the blind up, the cord gets longer), we install a cord gathering cleat.
    The cleat is fitted to window frame or side of the recess into the wall.
    For bay windows, we fit a cord cleat on each section of the window.
  • Cord Consolidating devices are used to convert all the cords that come out of the head-rail into one cord, thus removing the possibility of a looped cord being present when the blind is in its down position.
  • Anti-looping devices are attached to each pull cord to stop the possibility of cords being drawn from the main section of the blind and a loop forming.