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Curved Track Vertical Blinds

Product Overview

Curved track vertical blinds are made by using special bending techniques, which allow the head rail to be shaped into an arch or a bay window shape. The blinds will still operate as you would expect. It will pull from side to side and tilt (angle through 180 degrees).

For the professional and experienced person, the measuring is relatively simple and the results are simply stunning. For this reason, we encourage customers to let us measure and fit this product.

Curved track vertical blinds can only be operated by cord control. We will fit a child safety device to the cord system to ensure it remains safe for children.

For sloping top windows, we can use the straight vertical blind track system.

Suitable Areas for Use

  • Curved and bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • ‘Hockey Stick’ shaped bay windows
  • Arch top windows

Child Safety Features

With this type of product we have to install a Child Safety Device which fixes the looped cords to the wall or window frame.