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Dutch Canopies

Product Overview

Dutch Canopies are classic style awnings, that are useful for shading a room, rather than an outside space.

The dutch canopies are constructed from corrosion resistant, powder coated, extruded aluminium hardware and glass filled nylon components for durability and longevity.

Corner braces to the front and rear framework of the canopy keep the cords away from the fabric and ensure the side legs remain at a right angle to the cross members.

An optional protective cover board and end cheek set, which is recommended, helps protect the fabric from inclement weather when retracted.

Both face and ceiling fix brackets are available to allow installation to all properties. A sleek hook-on and lock-off fixing system guarantees a perfect attachment to the fixing brackets.

Dutch canopies have the following features:

  • Can be face fixed to wall, or top fixed to soffit
  • Corner braces stop the fabric being rubbed by the cord system.
  • Lightweight and easy to remove for winter storage if required.
  • Corrosion resistant, powder coated extruded aluminium framework
  • You can stop the position of the blind anywhere – it doesn’t have to be fully out!
  • Easy and lightweight to open and close
  • Excellent for shading rooms

The following options are available:

  • Crank Rod gear operation.
  • Optional cover board protects the fabric from the rain, and stops water building up in the cloth when the blind is pulled up
  • Can be fitted with braces so the canopy remains permanently open

The unit is simply screwed to the wall. The dutch canopy benefits from a 1 year manufacturers guarantee, and comes complete with heavy duty acrylic fabric, which is guaranteed for 5 years and benefits from the following standard features:

  • TexGard Easy Clean coating
  • UV filters within the fabric
  • 100% premium acrylic

Additional Notes

  • This canopy will only provide shade to the room which it covers.  It is not suitable for sitting under, since it cannot project far out enough to give adequate shade on the patio. If covering the patio area is a priority, then a folding arm awning is going to be more suitable.
  • A Dutch canopy must have the same length of back leg, as it has in projection. Therefore, a reasonable head-height must be available for fixing, and to achieve an adequate shade.
  • Outward opening french doors are often not compatible with dutch blinds. A common problem with this situation is that when the blind is down, the doors cannot be opened fully, and attempting to do so will damage either the door or the blind.
  • An additional support leg is required for dutch blinds over 4mts wide.
  • Maximum width available is 6mts